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Best HIIT Workouts to Start with as Beginners


HIIT workouts are promising. They burn a lot of calories, have a higher aerobic capacity, and help you develop lean muscle in a shorter timespan. But don’t be fooled by the short time; it all comes at a cost.

You have to work really hard with HIIT workouts. These heart-pounding exercises do not fit into your routine seamlessly. They require endurance and a lot of stamina. And as beginners, you must start slow and steady, and gradually build your endurance for an HIIT workout routine. It is best if you join professional HIIT classes in Melbourne CBD, but if you wish to start on your own, here are some workouts that you can begin with.

1.   Warm Up:

This sounds basic but it is one of the most common mistakes that all beginners make; starting without a warm-up session. Before starting your round of HIIT workouts, warm up for at least 5 minutes to get your muscles moving. And don’t forget to stay hydrated between the workout sets. You can warm up by jogging in one place and doing jumping jacks. You can also do a jump rope or leg swings.

2.   Running:

As a beginner, start with running. To push your limits to the best, begin with 30 seconds of sprinting and give yourself a break for 30-40 seconds to recover. Repeat for 30 minutes. Make sure that every 30 seconds you invest in running, are pushing your heart rate up. Gradually decrease your recovery seconds to just 10 seconds and then run for 30 seconds. Once you develop endurance, you can manage a 30-minute run, with minimum breaks.

3.   Bicycle Crunches:

Bicycle crunches are intense but extremely helpful for your abdomen. They strengthen the core muscles. It is best to have an expert beside you when you start with these. If not, look up videos that can help you practice the right posture. Do it for 30 seconds, take a break for 30 seconds, and then move on to the next workout.

4.   Mountain Climbers:

Combine your crunches with mountain climbers. It is a heart-pounding exercise that is quite easy to get started with. Focus on your arm positioning to ensure that your posture remains accurate.

5.   Burpees:

Once you are done with the climbers, add burpees to your set. These will be hard to get used to but they are one of the best high-intensity exercises. You can start with half burpees and then work your way up to burpees. Repeat your entire set at least 5 times in the beginning and then gradually increase to 10 sets for 30-60 seconds each.


HIIT workouts are not quite easy to develop endurance with. However, with determination and persistence, you can certainly build your stamina and keep adding workouts to the routine. Starting with running, burpees, crunches, and climbers is a great way to begin. You can also add cycling, lunges, and planks to your routine. However, remember to start slow and steady and then gradually add more exercises to your sets.

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