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Bella Thorne Packs On PDA With Two-Timing Woman For Sexy ‘In You’ Video With Juicy J


Bella Thorne simply dropped her outstanding horny video for ‘In You’ with Juicy J, which featured her rapping!

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, 24, is rapping on her new tune with Juicy J, 46! The Disney alum wrote and directed the accompanying 4 minute video, which incorporates lots of PDA with a girl love hobby that still occurs to be seeing Juicy. The women are featured in numerous set ups thru the video, launched on Nov. 4, which includes a bed room and nightclub.

In one scene, the beautiful purple head rocks a undies set as she and her lover — additionally clad in black undies — pose on a bed. At one point, Bella seems to be giving her oral sex. In a later scene, they almost lock lips in a nightclub as they dance seductively and take selfies.

The lyrics, however, mirror Bella’s confusion over the connection because the girl apparently doesn’t reply to her calls or texts. “I omit you whilst I’m in you (In you)/

Tell me why wе can’t continue? (‘tinue)/No respond to the texts I despatched you/No regards to the s— we been thru,” she raps.

She then ponders if the woman without a doubt “loves” her (as does Juicy). “Do you without a doubt love me? (Ooh)/Or it’s nothin’? (Ooh)/Only time you are saying you like me (Ooh)/Is whilst we f——-’ (Ooh),” she says withinside the chorus. Juicy is experiencing the equal ordeal together along with her because, of course, they’re being -timed. In an workplace scene, it’s discovered that Juicy and Bella paintings together. The Shake It Up actress calls the girl at some point of a short pause from the music, exclaiming, “She despatched me to voicemail! That’s without a doubt messed up!”

Bella Thorne Packs On PDA With Two-Timing Woman For Sexy ‘In You’ Video With Juicy J

Bella, who’s engaged to Benjamin Mascolo, has formerly spread out approximately being pansexual. “I’m clearly pansexual, and I didn’t recognize that…Somebody defined to me without a doubt very well what that is,” she stated on Good Morning America lower back in 2016. She went directly to element meaning she sexually favors someone’s character extra than their bodily body. “You like beings. You like what you want. Doesn’t must be a woman or a man or a she or he or they or this or that. It’s actually you want character. You similar to a being,” she added. Bella formerly got here out as bisexual in 2016.

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