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Azalea Health Vs Care360: Features, Pricing and Reviews


Azalea Health EHR Software offers cost-effective healthcare solutions for a range of care settings. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and employs between 101 and 250 people. Health System EMR, Hospital EHR, Ambulatory, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Billing Services, Telemedicine, and Practice Management software are made available by the organization (PM). Care360 EMR Software is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) system for ambulatory care. With a rapidly expanding network of more than 300,000 providers, the programme provides integrated patient scheduling and medical billing features.

In order to find out if the software is worth investing in, keep reading further and gather information regarding pricing, reviews and demo.

Azalea Health

Azalea Health is utilized by ambulatory clinics, rural health facilities, and larger hospitals to streamline operations in order to maximize income and improve healthcare quality. Additionally, the EHR system provides revenue cycle management, data encryption, real-time data, a patient portal, and telehealth. It can be utilized by health professionals and personnel for scheduling, remote treatment, and patient communication. Its user design is clear and simple to navigate, allowing physicians to access everything from a single screen.

Azalea Health Key Features


Integration with electronic health records (EHR), patient portals, and mobile applications makes it easier for patients to participate in their care and for caregivers to provide care remotely. The patient and the doctor are able to communicate through the use of instant messaging and online video chats.

Patient Portal 

Patients can use the portal to obtain lab results, access their medical history, get refills on prescriptions, make payments, and perform a variety of other tasks. They have the option of using telehealth sessions or secure texting to speak with their primary care physicians.

This mobile patient portal app, known as MyHealthSpot, gives users access to information while they are on the go.


Integrating with national labs and healthcare systems will allow for the provision of a patient’s complete medical history. Each doctor maintains an accurate and up-to-date patient record, which enables them to provide more precise medical care and make more precise diagnoses.

Azalea Health Pricing

The pricing information for this product or service has not been given by Azalea Health at this time. This is a standard procedure for businesses that sell software and deliver services. Get in touch with Azalea Health to receive up-to-date pricing information.

Azalea Health Demo

A demo can be requested from the official website which can aid users in understanding the important features and benefits of the software. Demos are always very useful in providing a teaser of the software. 

Azalea Health Reviews

Extremely user-friendly, making it simple to instruct new employees on how the feature works. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the service ticket option, noting that the response time is often pretty quick and that you are able to watch the progress of your issue without having to phone; yet, when users do call in, the customer service representatives are wonderful. Overall, the software has been able to gather a lot of positive reviews from its users. 

Care360 Software 

Care360 from Quest Diagnostics is an ideal tool for individuals seeking a web-based EHR system designed with ambulatory services in mind. The software has modules for medical billing and patient scheduling, and provides users with access to vital patient data at all times. This EHR platform is entirely mobile, secure, and comprehensive, enabling profitability and efficiency. It satisfies the Meaningful Use criteria, has streamlined workflows, decreased mistake rates, and improved practice efficiency.

Care360 Key Features

E-Lab Management

Your lab test decisions can be optimized with the assistance of Quest Lab Stewardship, which leads to improved results while simultaneously saving costs and preventing redundant, unneeded, and skipped tests.

Patient Portal

Through MyQuest, patients and doctors can interact electronically and perform a number of functions. Physicians can send and receive messages, preserve patient visit notes, build an electronic record of conversations with patients, and more. Patients can use the portal to track their health, examine lab results, share medical information with doctors, and so on.

Ease Of Use

Care360 provides a step-by-step implementation strategy, reducing user stress during the installation procedure. Care360 requires no complex deployment or system configuration and is offered at the practice’s own pace. Since the software is adaptable and versatile, growing and expanding workflows are also considered.

Care360 Pricing

The software has not provided cost information since it likely offers configurable pricing options. However, the vendor can be contacted in order to obtain pricing details. Request Pricing to sign up for the website.

Care360 Demo

Care360 offers a free demo on its website. Users can access it by requesting a demo and get acquainted with all the pivotal features of the software. Moreover, a demo can also aid in providing a teaser of the benefits.

Care360 Reviews

Online reviews depict that the platform possesses a powerful reporting feature that is always at the forefront of helping physicians to prepare excellent medical history, laboratory, and other practice-related reports. This is made possible by the platform’s extensive reporting capability. In addition, there are functions such as electronic prescription, customized templates, and electronic lab management that are excellent at ensuring correct reporting in order to enhance patient care.

Final Analysis

Azalea Health serves a wide range of healthcare institutions, from rural clinics and behavioral practices to specialist doctors, billing corporations, and community hospitals. The software was designed with the purpose of being as easy to use as an email client. Meanwhile, Care360 is a facility of electronic health record (EHR) software tools designed to compete with the industry’s best practices tool sets. As a flexible web-based system that may support a small, independent doctor’s office or a larger, multi-specialty physician practice, this cloud-based software can accommodate several enhancements to the management of digital files, patient care, and health data.

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