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Athena EMR vs Sigmund EMR – Which Turns Out to be More Beneficial?


Without an adequate medical software system, no current healthcare center can maintain its seamless workflow. These healthcare IT tools are frequently viewed as a panacea for enhancing operational efficiencies. Choosing the correct EMR solution can significantly increase revenue, reduce paperwork, and improve patient care. However, you must recognize that no particular medical health system can provide all the capabilities you seek to fulfill your individual needs.

Athenahealth EMR and Sigmund EMR are two EMR solutions that have the potential to assist you in elevating your practice’s performance to a whole new level. Let’s examine the distinctions between Sigmund Software vs Athena EMR, two of the most prominent EMR/ EHR software in the market.

Athenahealth EMR

Athena EMR software, utilized by over 150,000+ medical professionals, provides a variety of options to fit health systems of varying sizes. Athenahealth offers extensive patient recording, e-prescribing, telemedicine, and appointment technologies in addition to robust billing systems, as do all the leading EMR vendors. This cloud-based medical and operational solution integrates multiple software applications to increase therapeutic performance and alleviate manual administrative tasks.

Athena EMR application is the best model of a leading EHR system that provides multiple benefits to practitioners. Additionally, the Athena EMR system connects with Athena medical billing, allowing you to maximize your medical practices’ effectiveness simultaneously.

Athena comes as an integrated set of solutions consisting of athenaClinicals, athenaCommunicator and athenaCollector – all on a unified system. This all-inclusive solution is perfect for practitioners who wish to avoid the effort of maintaining many software programs.

Athena Benefits

  • The patient portal component of the Athena EMR is reviewed as one of its most valued benefits. It is intended to concentrate solely on enhancing patient participation. The function permits patients to go through their health records, set appointments, billings and invoicing, obtain medical checkups, and put HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging.
  • The Athena EMR software simplifies reporting for its clients. It offers weekly and monthly customizable reports with an unlimited number of inputs. These filterings provide access to innumerable data-driven findings. The system’s reporting platform displays crucial parameters such as payment numbers and income statement time.
  • Athena EMR is a good alternative for medical professionals who wish to combine their EHR with other electronic health records. The cloud-based technology allows for easy integration between several health services. Epocrates, a healthcare reference app focusing on clinical practice guidelines and communications, is one of its many advantageous qualities. The athenaClinics EHR enables physicians to review all medical files throughout their healthcare centers. The athenaOne mobile application allows mobile access to medical information. There is much more with integrations you can expect from Athena EMR.
  • Also, with the interoperability facilities of the Athena software, your clinic will be available to connect to the CDC’s Immunization Information Systems. You will also comply with the constructive guidelines of the Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. Before rules become a worry, interoperability lets displaced patients begin working with new physicians.

Athena EMR Reviews

According to reviews of the Athena electronic medical record system, the program is basic and easy to use. Everything is set up to assist you in navigating and recording patients’ data. However, there have been occurrences in which the add-on systems, including the paper printer and the tag printer, have been operational. However, it is not frequent, and the problem is swiftly resolved. Additionally, some customers are concerned about the safety of the invoicing system that Athenahealth provides.

Athena EMR Pricing

The cost of using Athenahealth’s electronic medical record system starts at $140 per month per user, making it an affordable option for even the smallest medical offices. When looking at the overall feedback, the EMR offered by Athenahealth has received anywhere between 3.5 and 4 out of 5 stars for its simplicity of use, which is a rating that is considered to be relatively favorable for EMR software.

Sigmund EMR

Sigmund AURA is a holistic cloud-based application framework that mental healthcare systems, including those specializing in addiction treatment, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), GeroPsych, and others, can employ to focus on saving time on clinical interactions, clinical services, and invoicing processes.

Practitioners can undertake efficient documentation, use electronic signatures, and move easily between client files. It provides decision assistance, logic guidelines, and access restrictions to manage operations in the organization’s intake, medical, and managerial areas. In addition to managing claims and keeping track of their status, it can also maintain detailed bookkeeping.

For a long time, Sigmund Software is already making Electronic Health Record (EHR) software that is the top quality for the psychiatric and addiction rehabilitation fields. Sigmund’s corporate EHR platform, AURA, has an evolving, full range of attributes that cover a wide range of business needs. Behavioral medical associations can set up their AURA system to fit their specific needs and give their team the tools they need to provide impressive treatment services.

Sigmund EMR Benefits

  • Sigmund AURA is a virtualized, seamlessly integrated, and easy-to-use EHR that helps companies concentrate on patient care by letting them delegate duties, record quickly and make reports rapidly.
  • Sigmund EMR has a full range of EHR solutions and a flexible package of technology platforms that are formed to fit your business.
  • Practitioners can leverage Sigmund’s Utilize Target Behavior Tracking (TBT), the best tool for collecting data and putting it together for reporting in rehabilitation services and treatment programs.
  • Through efficient procedures, versatile issue tracking, and visual representations of data, Sigmund EMR serves providers to quickly evaluate trends to act more constructively and find out how a patient responds to a specific treatment.

Sigmund Software Reviews

As an EMR solution, Sigmund Software offers its customers versatile features and tools that Sigmund users review as “user-friendly” and significantly flexible. With its position of getting 3.5 stars, Sigmund stands as a powerful choice in its niche for customers seeking medical and clinical software for addition and behavioral treatment.

Sigmund Pricing

The pricing for Sigmund Software is not publicly disclosed. However, you can contact the service provider to get the price estimation and pricing packages.

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