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Ashley Judd responds to ‘misogynistic savages’ who criticized her appearance


The actress commenced trending on Twitter due to remarks approximately her face stemming from a video published with the aid of using Elizabeth Warren’s marketing campaign.

Ashley Judd referred to as critics of her look “misogynistic savages” following a move of unpleasant social media messages after the actress seemed in a video for Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Judd, 51, drew poor remarks calling her face “puffy” and asking “how an awful lot paintings she’s had done” after Warren’s marketing campaign published a Twitter video of her making telecellsmartphone calls on Warren’s behalf.

Ashley Judd

Judd have become a trending subject matter on Twitter with human beings making a laugh of her look even as others defended her.

“I’ve heard of plastic surgical treatment, however this puffy-rubber surgical treatment is a brand new one to me,” one character wrote. “Yikes.”

“Omg!! I didn’t even apprehend her,” any other wrote. “Ashley, you have been so clearly beautiful. You don’t want all that face paintings that became done.”

“The human beings making remarks approximately her look are disgusting,” any other countered.

“So many remarks beneathneath this publish are breathtakingly mean,” any other character wrote. “I wish Ms. Judd does not even study them.”

Judd launched a declaration on Facebook Thursday wherein she stated she gets normal Botox injections to combat “siege migraines.” Botox has been accepted with the aid of using the Food and Drug Administration as a remedy for continual migraine headaches, in line with the Mayo Clinic.

“These matters are vital after I wake up & analyze from worrying pals that my look has been trending on Twitter,” she wrote. “The misogynistic savages of each sexes have come out, as have lots of those who empathize and spot it for what it is (female bashing).”

Judd wrote that she has been unwell with migraines for extra than a 12 months and has sought normal treatments.

“Have I had botox? It is a preferred remedy for the sickness that I experience,” she wrote. “My union coverage can pay for thirty-one injections each twelve weeks. (Some pals cautioned that I now no longer publish this scientific fact, due to the fact it may be excerpted and used in opposition to me, however I suppose it is sincere and actual and is a public fitness message. Shame on every person who distorts my words.)”

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She introduced that her closing migraine lasted for four 1/2 months, which additionally induced her to experience “a few un-a laugh weight advantage.” Judd stated that she has lately been cleared with the aid of using her health practitioner to renew exercise.

Ashley Judd responds to 'misogynistic savages'

“What I recognise is that misogynists on Twitter had been slaughtering me in comparison to my pre-weight advantage idealized self,” she wrote. “My conventionally thin, athletic, ‘pretty’ AcroYoga frame, and extra narrow face, is simply the turn facet of the equal patriarchal coin.

“Those of you who’re speaking approximately my lady look, making checks approximately my really well worth and desirability are basing your critiques on totally gendered norms. The properly information for my empowered self is I do not take compliments any extra significantly than I do slurs.”

She additionally advocated different ladies now no longer to be afraid to talk out in opposition to complaint in their look.


“Speak up anyway,” she stated. “The slings and arrows will come, however your voice and the frame from which it comes is beautiful, courageous, powerful, and necessary.”

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