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Amazing summer collection of sunglasses


Do you know the meaning of PD measurement? Well, this is an important thing that we should all know and should be aware of. PD or pupillary distance is the distance between the two eyes and the pupils. How can we measure PD? If you face a person and look straight ahead with both the eyes open and have the person hold the ruler up to your right so that the zero end lines up with your pupil. Measure the distance from your right to your left pupil. The number that lines up with your left pupil is your PD.

The average PD for an adult female for each eye is 30mm and the average PD for an adult male for each male is 32mm. The PD is measured with a small ruler, PD stick, or a pupillometer.

Messing the PD is the work of the opticians and they are measured before the person is sent to a doctor as the doctor never measures the PD as this is the work of the optician and not the doctor. But it is a very important thing as the vision depends on the distance and other medical tests. Thus one should know the PD measurement before buying the glasses and choose the glasses wisely.

Summer collection

The above information is very important and one should be aware of the PD measurement as one needs to buy sunglasses very soon. Why are we saying that soon? This is because sunglasses are essential during the summers.

During summers the need for sunglasses becomes more as the sun releases more heat and the UV rays of the sun enter the eyes and damage the eyes. It also causes various other diseases which tend to weaken the eyesight and later cause loss of vision.

Sunglasses not only help to block the UV rays of the sun but also protect the eyes and the skin from the UV rays and other external factors of the environment responsible for causing poor eyesight. Hence our eyes and skin must stay safe and protected.

With protection, we need fashion too. Hence we should have a designer pair of sunglasses that suits the latest trend of the season and fulfils the purpose of fashion.

Let us see the summer collection of sunglasses that will make your summer fashion more beautiful and bright.

  • Clip-On Glasses- This is one of the most helpful glasses that were made by the eyewear industry. Why is it helpful? This helps in serving the dual purpose of glasses and sunglasses. Clip-on glasses can be worn by anyone. This is more helpful for the ones who wear prescription glasses. This is because the person will not have to carry two pairs of glasses in the bag.
  • Round glasses- Sunglasses have played an important role in the lives of men. Though round glasses are now worn by women too, these glasses were mainly dominated by men. Men look super cool and smart wearing these glasses. These glasses can be worn with almost every outfit, as they look good with every attire. These glasses have been inspired by John Lennon as he wore round sunglasses all the time. He made the round glasses iconic glasses to people and people are still wearing round sunglasses.
  • Cat-eye glasses- Cat-eye glasses look gorgeous on every woman, and when they are sunglasses, they look super gorgeous and those are beyond words. Cat-eye glasses were made exclusively for women. The first type of cat eyeglasses is made in black colour. Cat-eye sunglasses are one of the most elegant and bold pairs of glasses for women. They look so professional that they are always a great fashion accessory for any professional place. Oval face-shaped people look the best in these frames. No wonder, these glasses complement other face shapes too. They are absolute eye-catchers. One can buy cat-eye sunglasses both online and offline. These glasses come in almost all versions, rimless, half-rimmed, and full-rimmed.
  • Rectangular glasses- Rectangular sunglasses made themselves popular from the very first day they were made. These sunglasses are suitable for almost everybody and both men and women look good in rectangular sunglasses. The full-framed rectangular or square framed glasses look the best among all the other rectangular frames. Black rectangular sunglasses look like one of the most attractive pairs of sunglasses.
  • Geometric glasses- Geometric sunglasses have set a trend these days. Youngsters have created a different styles and trends with these sunglasses in various shapes and sizes. Young adults and adults are also in love with the geometric trend and are styling with these sunglasses. Geometric sunglasses are styled differently with every outfit. These glasses are made full-rimmed, half-rimmed, and rimless. Geometric sunglasses go with almost every outfit.
  • Aviator glasses- Aviator sunglasses have remained a timeless fashion accessory. They have been worn by people since the very first day. These sunglasses were made especially for the navy and the pilots. But slowly and steadily these glasses became a common eyewear pair for all. They were mostly worn by men and hence were male-dominated sunglasses. But now they are worn by women too. Aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular pairs of worn sunglasses.
  • Sports glasses- Sports glasses or sunglasses have colourful temples and look the smartest when worn. Usually, sports sunglasses are worn for sports activities only, but to make them regular eyewear, many people are wearing sports sunglasses as their daily eyewear. Kim Kardashian is known to almost all. She wore black sports sunglasses with a pink dress and looked stunning. People admired her for the look she created with sports sunglasses to make these glasses a regular eyewear pair. Hence black sports sunglasses look smart when worn and these glasses are unisexual.

Thus one can wear a pair of sunglasses this summer and create a new style for the season. Follow Specscart’s YouTube channel  for more information.

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