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A Rage-Fueled Memoir of a Marriage-Ending Affair



A Story of Family, Feminism and Treason

By Gina Frangello

Pity the terrible memoirist. The urge to excavate reminiscence does now no longer generally tend to return back from an area of contentment. Add to this that readers can also additionally technique the style with skepticism or a whiff of schadenfreude. I can’t let you know how commonly I were informed a few model of “I don’t realize the way you do it. You should sense so exposed,” as though there may be a subcategory of author who’s too broken or deranged to be conscious that she’s carried out a public striptease. To be clear, memoir — accurate memoir — isn’t a public striptease. But it’s far in complaint of memoir that the finest disservice to the artwork form (and it’s far an artwork form) is carried out. All too often, it’s the existence this is judged and reviewed, now no longer the literary deserves of the work.

Gina Frangello appears to realize this and in “Blow Your House Down,” her uneven, provocative ee-e book, attempts to inoculate herself in opposition to one of these response. I’m now no longer certain I’ve ever read, plenty much less reviewed, a memoir that has gotten beneathneath my pores and skin the manner this one has. Just ask my editor. I attempted to wriggle out of this review, due to the fact I determined myself judging Frangello harshly, scribbling notes like OMG and forestall and no!! withinside the margins. To be certain, Frangello has had a tough existence: a formative years marked via way of means of violence and poverty, an maturity spent attempting alternately to restore or outrun that formative years. She faces bodily pain, suffers the lack of her first-class friend, is caretaker to her aged mother and father and, closer to the give up of the ee-e book, faces a most cancers prognosis herself. The final component I felt like doing became piling directly to her mountain of woes. But that’s me falling into that equal crucial trap. After all, as Vivian Gornick as soon as wrote, “What took place to the author isn’t what subjects; what subjects is the huge feel that the author is capable of make of what took place.”

Ostensibly the tale of a adverse love affair that upends her marriage, her own circle of relatives and her existence, “Blow Your House Down” posits itself as a feminist manifesto, and its writer veers among the 2 poles which are the finest no-nos in writing approximately the self: revenge and justification bordering on self-congratulation. She does this in an increasing number of dizzying recursive loops, arriving time and again on the equal descriptions, questions and conclusions, with out ever deepening her inquiry. She starts via way of means of setting herself and her tale right into a sociological context, hoping, you could most effective assume, to amplify it via way of means of association: “You can also additionally have observed that anger is coming round again for girls,” she writes early on. “It is probably truthful to mention that that is the instant I’ve been looking forward to because the 6th grade.” Problem is, in center age, Frangello feels she can also additionally have neglected the boat. “I am too antique … overwhelmed to the punch. As girls are eventually growing up en masse to denounce their considerable remedy via way of means of men, I am left naked, and not using a pristine purple gown of Victimhood. Rather, I actually have cheated, I actually have lied, I actually have carried out damage. I were egocentric and dominated via way of means of my desires … in different words, I actually have carried out myself like a guy, in spite of being a mom, and for this reason have possibly forfeited my declare on lady rage.”


Except that “Blow Your House Down” pretty drips with rage. With the exception of her children, no person escapes the pressure of Frangello’s fury, which has the impact of rendering her unreliable. She torques the human beings in her existence into cleverish caricatures. The guy with whom she’s going to embark on an affair is her “Not Yet Lover.” A cousin’s spouse who dies via way of means of suicide isn’t spared, cited as “a lovely teach smash of a girl, a former model (or so her pronouncing goes) of my age.” Why the parenthetical “or so her pronouncing goes”? What does that upload to the narrative? It’s a potshot aimed toward a lifeless girl.

The literary problem with rage at the web page is that it leaks into everything. Rage is incoherent — despite the fact that discovered rage, or revenge, or maybe self-congratulation, may be coherent. Near the give up of a bankruptcy describing her first-class formative years friend, Angie, from the antique neighborhood, Frangello, who has left Angie at the back of for university and her eventual break out into a wedding with a guy “via way of means of any definition an amazing catch,” “now no longer simply clever however ambitious, generous,” lists viable results for her friend, amongst them a stripper, a junkie, a mom of four, a financial institution teller, a homicide victim. The list, written withinside the 2nd character of which she is fond, concludes: “It does now no longer remember what Angie becomes. The factor is which you left.”

In addition to framing the activities of her existence in the rubric of feminism, Frangello compares her ee-e book to the ones of iconoclastic literary girls via time, starting from Jean Rhys to Marguerite Duras to Kathy Acker to Mary Gaitskill. (She reveals them wanting.) She additionally chooses to enlist the reader directly: “It became the season I Could Take No More. Maybe you, too, have hit that invisible line withinside the sand, as soon as or a dozen or one hundred times.” But the reader does now no longer want to be satisfied or coerced. The reader needs to be moved, to sense that effective feel of empathy and connection that attracts us in in place of maintains us at the outdoor of the crime scene, gawking.

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Near the give up of her ee-e book, after her most cancers prognosis, Frangello prices Muriel Rukeyser’s well-known line: “What might manifest if one girl informed the fact of her existence? The international might break up open.” Which brings me complete circle to the distinction among blurting out a sequence of private truths and shaping a narrative, powered via way of means of discovered rage and disciplined thought, that simply may contact the familiar thread. Now that, withinside the fingers of a author as clever and looking as Frangello, is a ee-e book I’d like to read.

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