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6 THC Gummies That You Must Try In 2022


We are all aware that candies are a favorite among Delta 8 fans. Let us discuss the top THC gummies to purchase in this post. Let us go into the factors you can consider while making our top picks before sharing the list of the leading brands and respective gummies.

Standards for the Best D8 THC Gummies

  • Hemp Grade

Good Delta 8 begins with superior hemp. Spraying pesticides and other chemicals on hemp will cause it to absorb the chemicals, which may then wind up in the finished product. We seek businesses that only utilize industrial hemp farming in the USA. As these agricultural methods respect the ecosystem and your health, we also strive for companies that employ them.

  • Testing by a Third-Party Laboratory

On all the websites of all companies that offer Delta 8, we search for Certificates of Analysis (COA). These findings come from unbiased laboratories that test Delta 8 candies for potency and, in certain instances, for impurities, including microorganisms, heavy metals, and pesticides. Customers may verify that a product is safe to use by looking at the contamination levels. We undoubtedly prioritize brands that test for pollutants over those that don’t.

It is also critical to understand that your gummy will contain the claimed quantity of Delta 8 on the label. Third-party lab testing may be present as a safety precaution in addition to a quality control measure. Never take gummies that have more THC than they claim to have.

  • Customer feedback

You can learn what consumers think of a brand and a product by reading reviews. There are reviews for many products on the firms’ websites, allowing you to read any comments or discover what others generally think.

  • Customer Support and Website Performance

The website experience matters when it comes to online buying. You would like to ask inquiries of customer support quickly and. We search for Delta 8 websites that are user-friendly, simple to use, and provide you with enough information to make educated purchasing selections without feeling overburdened. We also assess their return and delivery procedures and customer support alternatives.

1.    Everest Delta 8 THC Gummies

As a business, they exclusively work with hemp cultivated sustainably and organically in the United States, demonstrating their dedication to making high-quality goods and protecting the environment.

You have more confidence that their goods are effective and secure since they undergo two third-party tests. They make watermelon, blue raspberry, and peach-flavored candies that are entirely vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural.

The website for Everest quickly transports you to a serene location. It meticulously crafts a brand that balances being professional and approachable. By working together, the brand and its goods gain consumer confidence. There is just enough data to give you a sense of knowledge without overwhelming you.

2.    OtterSpace D-8 Gummies in Sour Watermelon

The ideal candy is Otter Space D8 Sour Watermelon Gummies. They taste fantastic and originate with only natural ingredients, including hemp that is farmed only in the United States. With 25mg of strength per gummy, which is higher than most at the price range for this quality, this firm has found the sweet spot.

Otter Space has undergone extensive third-party screening, so you can be sure you are receiving what is appropriate. They make vegan gummies free of soy, gluten, GMOs, and pesticides. Otter Space goods are of the highest caliber. They are very efficient, making them the clear option for anybody looking to create the ideal Delta gummy without worrying about contaminants or additions.

Most likely the simplest and easiest to use of all the ones we tried. Additionally, they provide a 25 percent membership discount, a deal that is hard to top in the sector.

3.    Summit Delta 8 THC Gummies

The country is still impressed with Summit, which offers some of the best-value THC gummies available. They take place on this list because they provide gummies that are tasty and very strong (25mg each), giving you many products for your money. Unlike most other products, they never use artificial ingredients or colors and only employ high-quality, vegan ingredients.

You can hardly go wrong trying Summit with free delivery, several discounts for fresh and subscription clients, and in-house customer assistance. They exclusively utilize hemp extract from plants grown outdoors in the United States, and a third party thoroughly evaluates every batch for efficacy and safety.

4.    TRĒ House THC Gummies Delta-8

Our top-of-the-line THC gummies are TRĒ House Delta-8. The brand focuses on lab-tested consistency and quality while specializing in mood-lifting bespoke marijuana edibles. Because of this, their D8 gummies are at the top of many lists of suggestions.

The TRĒ House gummies are made of organic, non-GMO hemp and are entirely vegan and gluten-free. These candies are superior because of their richly gratifying natural flavors, which include Tropic Mango, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Burst, and Peach Pear. They have undergone extensive testing to guarantee both potency and purity. On their website, you can obtain specific lab results so you know what you are receiving and can be confident that it is of the highest quality.

The TRĒ House website runs swiftly, works well on mobile devices, and is incredibly simple. Subscribe to their email to get exclusive deals and discounts. Subscribers to their email newsletter get exclusive discounts and deals. Shipping is free for purchases over $75. Unopened goods (or ones that contain a fair portion of the unopened product) have a 60-day guarantee for a return of the purchase cost.

5.    Strawberry CannaAid Gummies

CannaAid Will match any competitor’s price; however, refunds are unacceptable. These tasty delights are both powerful and delightful. Each gummy retains 30mg of Delta 8. Be careful if you have sensitive teeth since it might be difficult to split these candies in half if you wish to start with a lower dosage. In contrast, the Everest gummies are relatively simple to break. Although we appreciate that they ship their goods in for potency testing, we would like to see additional contaminant testing included for further quality assurance and transparency. Although CannaAid aims to provide a very educational website, there is almost too much material to go through.

6.    Exhale Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 Gummies exhale Exhale D8 THC candies have a fantastic sugar covering and a blended fruity taste. Despite not disclosing all of them, the firm claims that their D8 gummies are non-GMO, all-natural, and vegan. Nothing artificial is present in these products. These powerful tiny delectable candies containing 25 mg of D8 are a popular pick for 2022. This website is well-organized and educational. It features a straightforward design without any unnecessary frills or bells.


The sheer number of Delta 8 possibilities makes it difficult to decide which gummy to purchase. And we understand that it is tedious and exhausting to browse among the many Delta 8 brands. Please consider these factors since you should make the best option possible for yourself.

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