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5 times Pokimane did things on livestream that could’ve ended with a ban


OfflineTV’s Imane “Pokimane” is an critical a part of Twitch’s streamer base, in addition to a famous and cherished content material writer throughout the net. She has been with the livestreaming platform on account that 2013 and keeps to flourish as one in all the most important girl streamer names out there.

Twitch, however, is thought for its strict network recommendations concerning a number of subjects that the streamer has controlled to interrupt numerous instances over time. Given her beyond offenses, many visitors maintain to invest as to how and why the streamer has controlled to keep away from severa Twitch bans all through the whole lot of her career.

This article will move into intensity approximately the quantity of instances Pokimane did matters on movement that would have without problems resulted in a ban.

Note: This article is subjective and completely displays the writer’s opinion.

Five instances Pokimane changed into stuck, however now no longer busted for doing bannable matters on movement

5) Cyberpunk 2077 customization incident

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 changed into a web sensation, and Poki changed into simply one in all many that hopped at the bandwagon to movement gameplay to enchanted visitors. But what the game’s writer CD Projekt Red is respected for does not always align with Twitch’s recommendations.

In a now-deleted clip from December 2020, the streamer changed into caught at the customization display screen and appeared in awe of the wide variety of bodily look alternatives that had been to be had to players.

As she clicked at the ‘Nails’ phase to view the selections, the display screen panned to expose a topless character. Poki screamed in absolute fear, concerned approximately the outcomes she would possibly doubtlessly face for the unintentional nudity:

“Am I gonna get banned?”

Surprisingly enough, however, the Twitch streamer changed into now no longer banned or warned on this example.

4) “Are my traces top enough?”


There were numerous times in Pokimane’s beyond in which many visitors have refused to permit her stay down her mistakes. Two of those times have left a everlasting smear at the arguable content material writer’s career.

Clips from her beyond resurface nearly each yr, however in January 2022, the net character changed into relatively pressured to make a assertion approximately the problem. The notorious clip of what appears to be Poki taking pills on movement went viral but again, and a now-deleted clip trended this yr to solidify cynics’ suspicions.

In the 2013 clip, the streamer is visible the usage of a credit score card to form the traces of what changed into imagined to be c**aine:

“Are my traces top enough?”

As it became out, Poki finally debunked those statements and asserted that it changed into only a shaggy dog story and that she changed into now no longer ‘snorting c**aine.’

At the 43-minute mark of a beyond VOD, she reacted to pal and fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren protecting her from the harassment she have been receiving. Furthermore, she advised her visitors what the ‘pills’ without a doubt had been:

“By the way, that is sugar from a Japan crate. I used to do Japan crate openings.”

She in addition clarified the problem on Twitter and made a jab at how unreal the accusation changed into given the net explosion that had took place in mild of the clip’s resurfacing.

3) N-phrase controversy

The one second that has appeared to rile the net the maximum over time has been the infamous clip of 16-yr-antique Pokimane losing the N-phrase on movement. In truth, it is a clip that many cynics maintain to apply as gasoline for harassment. It is in addition applied to bolster requires the streamer’s elimination from Twitch’s platform to this very day.

In 2019, the clip from 2013 resurfaced. In the clip, the streamer changed into visible angrily responding to sexist comments withinside the chat through the usage of a gaggle of expletives. She changed into additionally stuck the usage of the N-phrase twice.

Poki finally stuck wind of the clip and defined withinside the remarks that she did now no longer intend to apply the phrase for its authentic meaning. The streamer talked about that she acts and thinks tons in a different way than she did withinside the beyond:

However, that identical yr, the streamer changed into clipped pronouncing what appeared to be the N-phrase again. This time, cynics had extra vitriol to apply towards her.

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While Poki has on account that clarified that she changed into in truth now no longer pronouncing the N-phrase withinside the above video, the net has but to put those clips’ life to rest.

2) “We’ll take a look at it out!”

Pokimane has bent the nudity rule on Twitch a couple of instances, and one exquisite example changed into while she found out a suggestive video on movement.

The streamer changed into soaring over a video at the YouTube channel Cut, and the thumbnail had a lady in a bikini on the point of play beer pong. She wasn’t totally positive if clicking at the video could ruin the recommendations, so she wondered the flow earlier than going ahead:

“Can I even display this? We’ll take a look at it out!”

As quickly as she clicked the video, however, the bikini-clad lady appeared to pose in a provocative function that ended in Poki right away remaining the browser and masking her face in sheer embarrassment. She did now no longer acquire a ban for this specific prevalence notwithstanding her obvious apprehension toward the situation.

1) Pokimane opens a deadly hyperlink

One of the maximum arguable and disputed instances wherein Pokimane haphazardly prevented a ban hammer changed into while she opened the hyperlink for a image video on movement.

Poki in the long run claimed that a Google document had reputedly been accessed through an outsider. The document changed into shared among her and a moderator, because it contained hyperlinks that had been cleared to be opened competently on movement. The outsider changed an to start with risk free hyperlink with one from a p**n web website online instead.

The Twitch supermegacelebrity took to Twitter to announce that Twitch had issued her a caution for the offense.

This exasperated a phase of the network that believed withinside the double popular of who receives banned for what. Since Pokimane has now no longer but been banned for committing heinous offenses, lovers have on account that taken into consideration that there may be an problem of favoritism at the livestreaming platform.

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