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5 Clip-In Hair Extensions Tips To Transform Your Look In Minutes    


Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic way of quickly and easily changing your look for events or everyday wear. They can also be used to instantly fix a bad haircut and add volume to thinner hair.

The extensions are a hairdo with synthetic strands attached. The best clip in hair extensions can be applied by anyone. They come in different colors, lengths, and sizes and can be used to increase the length or volume of hair.

The extensions are an excellent way to add that extra boost of confidence. A person wearing clip in extensions can always look their best.

Here are some tips to follow while using extensions:

1. Select The Right Color And Length

The first thing to do is select a color that compliments your look. It is essential to ensure that it is neither too bright nor too dark, as it would be tough to conceal.

Instead, you must select a shade that matches your hair’s natural hue. Going for extensions about two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color is advisable.

For best results, you may consult an experienced stylist to understand what color of hair extensions suits you best.

2. Choose The Right Hair Piece

You will need to select a piece that will perfectly match your style. There are two types of extensions: synthetic and remy.

Authentic or Remy extensions are the best option because they are made of natural human hair. On the contrary, synthetic ones are fastened with three simple steps and additional clips in the back. They are typically cheaper but not as good-looking as an authentic one.

3. Prepare Your Hair

Before styling the extensions, wash and dry your hair.

Styling the extensions is simple. Comb and brush your hair. Next, dry them with a towel. These are great additions to any hairstyle because they can be styled easily with everyday tools like foam rollers. Once you have achieved the desired length, leave them for about 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness before removing them.

If necessary, this can be done with pliers or by tucking them into fight rolls if you don’t want to expose them anytime soon.

4. Hide Them

The next step is to make the extensions appear as natural and part of your hair as possible. You can use bobby pins and rubber bands to hide them under your natural hair.

Take a section of your hair from the back of your head and place it over the clip in extensions, securing it with bobby pins or a rubber band. Make sure you conceal the bobby pins well, or people will notice them.

5. Take Care Of Your Hair

The clip in extensions should be taken care of just like natural hair. It would help if you washed them every week and did not let them get tangled. Avoid combing them too much or detangling them with heat as this may damage the extensions.

The best clip in hair extensions are generally easy to remove, so you will be able to store them in a safe and dry place when you’re sleeping.

Additional Tip

Be cautious when wearing clip in extensions as they are not easily removed. They should be securely fastened to your hair using a unique pin or glue. It is also essential to purchase hair pieces made from real human hair as they look more natural and stay put much better than synthetic ones do.


Clip-in hair extensions are an effortless way to change your look in minutes. It does not matter if you like an elegant hairdo one day or a more fun style the next. Using a set of clips in hair extensions makes sure that everything matches to create the perfect look for every occasion.

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