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5 best grenade spots on Dust 2 map in CS:GO


Ever because the inception of CS: GO returned in 2012, it’s been evolved and delicate into an entire new game, retaining the middle mechanics intact.

While the middle mechanics of CS: GO are dictated through the precision and decision-making of whilst and in which to take gunfights on a map, one of the maximum vital enablers of these mechanics are the grenades utilized in the sport.

Dust 2 is an immediate descendant of Dust, the ever-famous map from Counter-Strike. While Counter-Strike 1.6 became nevertheless in play, Dust 2 became created as a greater delicate and made over model of its predecessor. Quickly enough, it have become the maximum famous map on-line and remains, to this day, one of the maximum-performed map amongst first-character shooter fans across the world.

What are the pinnacle spots to throw grenades in CS: GO map Dust 2?

Since the revamp of Dust 2 returned in 2017, a number of the maximum famous grenade line-ups in the sport had been changed. In this article, we’re going to suggest the pinnacle 5 grenade spots at the Dust 2 map in CS: GO. These are five places in which you are probably to win greater fits and take away greater enemies in case you time the grenades properly in the sport.

Towards A Long

Starting from the T (terrorist) Spawn, the pathway lead through an arched gateway that leads the terrorists toward the A Site is known as the A Long. New or grassroots-degree gamers have a tendency to hurry toward the placement with none utilization of grenades. However, on the better echelons and expert degree, a dry peek will clearly be met with terminal punishment.

So, so as to adequately peek at A Long to scope for a few actual property from the counter-terrorists, the terrorists have to first throw a flashbang at the same time as strolling from T Spawn toward A Long. This now no longer handiest flashes the enemy however additionally continues your teammates from getting flashed, which lets in a easy transition of getting into A Long.

Smoking off CT move


Even if terrorists take manipulate of A Long, they nevertheless want to move the CT (counter-terrorist) Spawn so as to get into the A Site. While you may clearly run the distance, it’s miles extraordinarily dangerous. Anybody maintaining the perspective from CT Spawn receives a wide-perspective of imaginative and prescient as they are able to trap any passerby withinside the act of crossing.

So, so as to stable the move, a participant clearly desires to face beside the barrels and throw a strolling smoke as proven withinside the video.

New Car molly

Since the revamp of Dust in CS: GO, the brand new vehicle function has been notoriously exploited through gamers because it presents diffused cowl in which the gamers getting into from A Long can’t see the participant.

So, clearing out this function is one of the maximum vital activities earlier than taking or retaking Bombsite A. It can effortlessly be cleared through lining up a Molotov or Incendiary Grenade from A Long.

If the CS: GO participant stands at the lengthy barrel and throws a Molotov covered up precisely as proven withinside the photo under, they are able to effortlessly unfold hearthplace withinside the new vehicle function, flushing out the hidden participant. The participant simply desires to leap and throw the Molotov and allow it do its magic.

T Spawn to A Short smoke

In order for gamers to move the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO, they have to first smoke off the catwalk in order that the competition gamers can’t trap a whiff of the gamers crossing through. In order to do that, first, the gamers want to get into the placement as proven withinside the photo under.

Then the CS: GO participant have to line up the crosshair as proven on this photo and make a soar throw to correctly smoke off the enemy’s imaginative and prescient.

Mid to B smoke

If a CS: GO participant needs to visit Bombsite B under the overhanging arch, there’ll continually be gamers geared up to greet them with bullets from each B and CT Spawn. In order to nullify the possibilities of having shot from CT Spawn, the gamers have to first soar onto the pallet after which the box.

Then the CS: GO gamers need to line up their crosshairs on this actual function.

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After lining up, all of the CS: GO gamers want to do is soar and throw the smoke grenade. It will absolutely smoke off the counter-terrorists living in CT Spawn, forcing them to pop out of the shadows so as to forestall the terrorists from getting into.

There are numerous different places that gamers can strive at the map as properly, however this is right all the way down to every participant’s non-public preference.

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