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4 Flowers That Symbolize Friendship and Love


Flowers to Celebrate Friendship

Certainly, flowers are good for weddings, funerals, graduation, celebration, and any number of life’s many important events. However, there is one floral application that many miss: they’re a fine way to cherish your friendship. Following we’ll explore several flowers that are ideal to celebrate such friendship.

1. Pear Blossom

It’s hard to get the wrong idea with pear blossom. That’s one of the biggest things you want to think about when you’re buying flowers for friends. You want them not to give the wrong idea. Red and pink colors tend to have a more romantic connotation. Pear blossom has more of a pure, floral connotation. It is less likely to leave a romantic impression.

2. Sunflower

Sunflower is a fine option for friendship, and a terrible option if you’re trying to celebrate romance. There’s nothing romantic about a sunflower.

They’re large, bright, ungainly, and colored in a happy yellow/orange hue that has very little about it which suggests anything remotely sensual. Sunflowers are perhaps the best flower on this list to communicate friendship.

3. Yellow Rose

Yellow rose tends to be wider and more “frilly” in shape than the traditional ovoid nature of regular roses. Again, there’s little about yellow that’s sensuous.

Generally, yellow coloration communicates happiness, and that’s what you’re trying to impart if you’re giving flowers as a means of celebrating friendship. A big bouquet of yellow roses seems like summer fun and joy, it doesn’t seem like sensuousness.

4. Campanula

Another option that is fine for friendship actually offsets yellow blooms with a bit of purple, but not purple in a sensuous shade. Violet does have its own sensuousness, but when combined with yellow, there’s a sort of festive royal impression that is imparted. Purple symbolizes gratitude, and it’s a great flower to use if you have a friend you’re trying to tell “thank you”.

These flowers grow fast in the latter half of the summer, and if you’re seeking a bouquet that includes yellow and its collateral “happy” connotation, but still has a couple of darker colors in the mix, Campanula is a great way to go. You can plant it as well, this flower likes moist soil that is well-drained.

Shake Things Up a Bit With a Friendship Bouquet

Friendship is important, and it’s something that should be celebrated. Your friends are with you even when you make mistakes, and there are friends which may stick to you more closely than even your own brothers or sisters. We need our friends. The thing is, too often, we don’t show them our appreciation.

The issue is, showing them appreciation in today’s world can be hard. Flowers are a great way to “thread the needle”, as the saying goes. Campanula, yellow rose, sunflower, and pear blossom are all fine options. They run the gamut from bright yellow to deep purple, and if you really want to have fun, maybe explore a bouquet made of all four!

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