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2022’s Top Engagement Ring Trends? You Won’t Believe What’s Popular!


An engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage and eternal love to the bride-to-be; this is why it’s very important to get it right! With so many trends to choose from, you may be wondering which ones will be the most popular in 2022. If you want to be one of the early birds, take a look at some of the most recent trends that are gaining popularity right now as we speak!

The Shape of Things To Come

While you may not be able to predict exactly what will hit in 2022, a few trends are already clear. For one thing, diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. In fact, colored gemstones and metals have been growing in popularity as of late. From engagement rings to pendants and earrings to bracelets, colored gemstones are taking center stage—and thanks to their low prices compared with those of diamonds (as well as other precious stones), they can even fit into your budget when you’re buying for an entire bridal party. So if we had to predict what 2022 diamond engagement rings trends will look like, we’d say that any color is fair game…unless it’s white. Why?

Diamonds Are Still A Girl’s Best Friend (Or Boy’s)

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but with diamond prices increasing in 2022, engagement rings are becoming a bigger purchase. And with that larger price tag comes more cost and style options. While you can always find diamonds in classic cuts like round and princess-cut styles, new trends like moissanite jewels have become more commonplace. These diamonds look just as sparkly and pretty as their natural counterparts – but at a fraction of the cost. (And size.) The moissanite gemstone is so popular now, that most jewelers carry it in their inventory already. With prices starting at under $100 for some stones, it’s easy to see why these gems have found such success!

Fancy Stones Are In

Fancy gemstones, like emeralds and rubies, used to be a top contender for engagement rings in years past. Although diamonds will always remain popular, expensive jewels are an increasingly common way for couples to make their engagement rings stand out. Sapphire is expected to make a comeback in 2022. For example, imagine presenting your future fiancé with an antique sapphire ring set in platinum (just imagine how beautiful that would look!) or complementing her diamond with a matching pair of earrings and pendant necklace featuring rough-cut sapphires from Madagascar. How romantic! As is tradition, though, don’t forget that you must pop the question before you shop—your lady deserves it.

Size Matters

In 1922, an estimated 8% of women got engagement rings. Now, that number is more like 93%. However, when we look at ring size, it seems like today’s bride is still looking for something bigger and better than anything she saw in her parents’ or grandparents’ generation. This may come as a surprise to many men who think that no woman can appreciate anything smaller than a 5-carat diamond. But in fact, over 75% of brides say they would be just as happy with a 3-carat stone (and 30% are even willing to make do with a 1-carat diamond). Why?

White Is The New Black

White diamonds are predicted to be a major trend in 2022 and you’ll see why once you take a look at all of these. White diamonds have become incredibly popular over recent years and it’s not hard to see why. They really are an elegant, timeless option that will add value to any engagement ring, especially if paired with colored diamond accents. But whether you’re choosing white or colored, consider diamond prices when budgeting for your new band. Take your time and do some research on diamonds; there are plenty of sites that offer comprehensive guides on what makes a quality stone so if you know what to look for then it should help you find a more affordable engagement ring!

Jewels Adorn These Rings, Not Run Them Over

The world is going green, and that includes engagement rings. Future brides are choosing environmentally friendly lab grown diamonds india over diamond-laden ones. Couples today prefer rings made from eco-friendly materials like recycled platinum or bio gemstones such as rose quartz, peridot, and jade. The challenge lies in choosing a ring that’s durable but still stylish and appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities.

Colored Gemstones

For engagement rings, white gold used to be king—but that’s starting to change. Colored gemstones are trending, and it seems like they’re here to stay. In 2022, you can expect more women to ask for a colored gemstone as an engagement ring: from amethysts and blue topaz to tanzanite and even tsavorite garnet (that vivid green color). So if you don’t want her proposing with bland diamond rings, choose something that makes your heart skip a beat.

Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamonds are a relatively new concept, but already they’re considered a classic. A pink diamond engagement ring will give your wedding day an air of precious elegance—perfect for an evening affair. While most couples choose white gold for their bands, pairing it with a rose-colored diamond will give your accessories more contrast and dimension.

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