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19 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Workflows


Anybody that is in a professional line of work will know that your workflow is very important, and can easily be affected by inefficient actions and activities. This is why it is very useful for people to know the quickest way to do something.

In terms of working on a computer, this means knowing some common keyboard shortcuts to shorten the time it takes to do something. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a company that has been providing small business IT support London-based companies have used for years. Over the years, TechQuarters have helped show their clients how to use their tech more intuitively, and so they gave us a list of their favourite keyboard shortcuts.

The Magic of Keyboard Shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is a function that allows users to press a combination of keys on their computer, which will then execute a function on their desktop, browser, or an app. This is a feature that is commonly used by power users and tech professionals; and the average PC user generally doesn’t know about them, and tends to rely on their mouse to navigate their desktop and apps.According to TechQuarters, using keyboard shortcuts can save people 15 minutes a day at work – which adds up to about 64 hours a year. Learning to use keyboard shortcuts can make work flow more quickly, and make people feel more productive, and more satisfied at work. So, what are some of the top keyboard shortcuts that anyone can start using to make their work day flow better?

Keyboard Shortcuts for Writing

  1. Delete Whole Words

When people notice a misspelled word in their writing, they usually press backspace for each letter in the word. An easier way of deleting words is to press Control + Backspace to delete entire words at a time.

  1. Move Cursor By Word

If you need to delete, edit or replace a word in your sentence, but it is not the last word you wrote, press Control + Arrow Key to move your cursor over whole words.

  1. Quick Highlighting

Similarly to the last shortcut, users can quickly and easily highlight whole words, whole sentences, or even whole paragraphs, by using the Control + Shift + Arrow Key shortcuts.

  1. Text Formatting
  2. Text formatting while you are writing can feel like a chore, but there are a few easy to remember shortcuts that make it easier, such as…
  3. Bold – Control + B (which text is highlighted)
  4. Underline – Control + U (while text is highlighted)
  5. Italics – Control + I (while text is highlighted)
  6. All Font Settings – Control + D (while text is highlighted)
  7. Note: All of these keyboard shortcuts are for the Microsoft Office apps. Using other apps may require different shortcuts.
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts for Browsing
  9. Open New Tab
  10. To open a new tab in virtually any web browser, press Control + T.
  11. Open New Window
  12. To open a new window in virtually any web browser, press Control + N.
  13. Close Current Tab
  14. To close the current tab (or window if there is only one tab open), press Control + W.
  15. Recover Closed Pages
  16. You can recover closed pages using a simply shortcut, or by opening your browsing history with a shortcut:
  17. Reopen Last Closed Tab – Control + Shift + T
  18. Open Browser History – Control + H
  19. Cycle Through Open Tabs
  20. To jump to the next tab (the last tab jumps back to the first tab), press Control + Tab.
  21. Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Desktop (6)
  22. Open Windows Start
  23. To open the Start menu on Windows 10 or 11, press the Windows Key.
  24. Open Windows Search
  25. To open the Search in Windows 11, press Windows + S.
  26. Open Task Manager
  27. To open Task Manager directly, press Control + Shift + Escape.
  28. Lock Your Device
  29. To instantly lock your laptop, press Windows + L.
  30. Conclusion
  31. According to TechQuarters, who have spend more than 10 years now providing IT support Croydon and London businesses rely on, these are just some of the easiest to remember keyboard shortcuts; but there are literally thousands of different shortcuts across different apps and browsers. Learning to use them is worth the effort.
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