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10 Ways to Show Your Employees That You Care


Show extra appreciation for your employees who pour their time and energy into making your company succeed by giving a gift that makes them feel like a valued part of the team.

From a single birthday gift to a great idea that benefits the entire office, giving the right gift is an art. It can show how you value people and their contributions while creating a meaningful moment that supports and inspires your team members. Whether you need an individual gift or one that the whole team can share, here are employee gift ideas for every occasion.

Check out these top 10 gift ideas to show your employees that you care.

Key Takeaways

Give the gift of appreciation with inexpensive gifts that say thank you without words,

1. Give a Floral Surprise

A bouquet of flowers is a perfect way to brighten anyone’s day. Make an unexpected gesture of appreciation for an employee by using an online flower delivery service to put a fresh bunch of flowers on your employee’s desk. This gesture is a beautiful and thoughtful way to show your employees that you value them.

2. Brighten Someone’s Day with Desk Plants

Research shows that having live plants in an office space has a greater impact than simple aesthetic appeal. Plants not only brighten an indoor workspace, but they can improve air quality, lower stress, increase attention spans, and boost productivity.

3. Gift a Book

There’s nothing like a book to show appreciation for your team members who love to read. Give a book about a shared interest, a topic that they’ve expressed interest in, or a management or professional development book. You can even give multiple people the same book to fuel discussion and connection within your team.

4. Provide Personalized Snack Packs

What better way to show your employees that you care than to gift them with packages of their favorite treats? It’s a thoughtful way to make life sweeter and boost your employees’ mood at the office.

5. Give a Coffee Gift Card

This simple gift is sure to please every coffee lover on your team. Since people fuel your company, fuel your people with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or local café. Your employees will appreciate that you remembered their favorite place and enjoy getting their caffeine fix courtesy of you.

6. Fill the Space with Cozy Feels

Make your employees’ office workspace ultra-cozy by filling the space with blankets, pillows, and portable heaters. Since the perfect room temperature is a constant debate in many offices, make your employees’ work experience cozier with blankets, soft, plushy company-branded sweatshirts, or personal space heaters.

7. Gift Some Company Swag

Reward your team for their hard work in a fun way by customizing water bottles, sweatshirts, phone cases, comic books, or other swag with your company’s logo.

8. Provide Extra Vacation Days

If your company is running smoothly and it’s within your power, reward your employee’s hard work by offering some extra vacation days. This gesture will go a long way toward helping your employees relax and feel more productive after a few more days off.

9. Play Group Office Games

Make your employees’ lives more fun and encourage team bonding by getting everyone together for an office game. Whether it’s playing a group game in an empty conference room or taking your team away from the office to play table tennis, foosball, or a local escape room, this is a great way to infuse your team with energy and show that you care.

10. Invest in an Office Espresso Machine

This splurge is a great gesture of appreciation that’s sure to be a hit with your team. From exquisite frothed milk to fresh espresso shots, your employees will feel valued every time they enjoy a coffee beverage that shows you care.

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